Are Daylilies Poisonous?

Daylilies are prized for their flowers which come in various colors and shapes depending on the variety. They are a popular landscaping plant that will come back year after year. Daylilies or Hemerocallis are safe for humans and dogs but are poisonous for cats. Ingesting Daylilies can be fatal for cats.


Are Daylilies Poisonous to Children

Daylilies are safe for children. The plant is not poisonous if ingested, and exposure to the leaves and flowers will not cause any type of rash or reaction.

Are Daylilies Poisonous to Dogs

Daylilies are not poisonous to dogs, so it is safe to plant Daylilies in areas your canine companions can access. If they eat Daylilies, dogs may experience an upset stomach, but they should not have severe symptoms, and it is not fatal. While the flowers do bear a resemblance, Daylilies (Hemerocallis) are not true Lilies (Lilium), and Lilies are poisonous to dogs.

Are Daylilies Poisonous to Cats

All parts of the Daylily, from the leafy greenery to the stems and flowers, are toxic when eaten by cats. Symptoms generally appear in a few hours. Cats that have eaten Daylilies will typically appear lethargic and may experience a lack of appetite or vomiting.

Are Daylilies Poisonous to Other Animals

Daylilies are generally not poisonous to other animals. Eating any part of the plant may cause an upset stomach, so monitor pets if you suspect they may have consumed part of a Daylily plant.

Symptoms of Daylily Poisoning

Always check with your doctor or veterinarian for guidance if you suspect Daylily poisoning. Here are some common symptoms to look out for:

  • Upset stomach
  • Vomiting

Preventing Daylily Poisoning

You may want to reconsider growing Daylilies if you have cats that have access to your outdoor space. Scent-based deterrents may be the best way to keep cats away from Daylilies since cats are skilled climbers and can easily get around fences and physical barriers.

Pet Poison Helpline

If something were to happen to your furry friend, and you suspect that they are suffering from (insert plant) poisoning, there is a poison control hotline to call for 24/7 vet advice. It is called the Pet Poison Hotline, and their phone number is (855) 764-7661.

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