Daylily Winter Care

Daylilies are winter hardy in USDA growing zones 3-10. These perennial plants emerge in the spring and grow through the summer. In the fall, the greenery dies back, and the plant goes dormant only to start the process all over again the following spring.

Since all of the growth above the ground dies back, Daylilies do not require much care or protection during the winter. The previous year’s dead growth should be removed before new growth begins to appear in the spring. 


Cutting Back Daylilies For Winter

All Daylily growth will die back at the end of the season, and it will need to be removed. When you remove the growth is a matter of preference. If you want to clean up your garden beds and maintain a neat appearance, then remove the dead growth in the fall. If you wait until after the first heavy frost, you can simply pick it up, and it will detach from the root system with a gentle tug.

You may need to use pruning shears to trim away dead growth if you opt to remove it before a frost. If you want to wait, the dead growth can be removed in the spring. Try to remove it in early spring, so the new growth will receive sunlight as soon as it emerges from the ground.

Daylily Winter Care In Pots

Potted Daylilies should be brought into a covered space for the winter. A garage, shed, or even a basement are good places for potted Daylilies to winter over. The space does not need to be heated, but you want to get the containers out of the elements. Bringing the containers into a protected space can save the root systems from experiencing cold damage and prevent ceramic containers from cracking.

Watering Daylilies In Winter

It is unnecessary to water Daylilies in the winter, whether planted in the ground or a container. The plants undergo a dormancy period, and they need a break from watering during the winter. Daylilies only need water when the plants are actively growing in the spring and summer.

Growing Daylilies Indoors

Daylilies go through a dormancy period during the winter, so they do not grow. Plants in the ground can winter over in place. Potted Daylilies should be brought into a covered and protected space to keep the plant out of the elements. You don’t need to bring the potted Daylilies into your home; you may want to avoid doing this since there is no growth, so there is no visual interest. Storing the container and plants in a garage or shed or even a basement is a good place during the winter.

Steps To Care For Daylilies in Winter

Daylilies require essentially no care in the winter. The plants will need minor prep in the fall or spring, but you can generally forget about your Daylilies until the warm weather returns.

Step 1 Remove previous year’s dead growth in the late fall or early spring.

Step 2 Leave the plant alone while it is in its dormancy period.

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 Author Alison Cotsonas - Published 13-12-2021