Watering Daylilies

Daylilies are a summer-time favorite that will thrive with very little care, and this includes its watering needs. Once established, Daylilies are hardy, drought-tolerant plants that will grow and fill in a garden bed or hillside in a few years.


How To Tell If Daylilies Need Watered

Established Daylily plants do not need to be watered under normal conditions. In the event of a drought or extended dry spell, the plants may appreciate supplemental water. Water your Daylilies if the stems or leaves are drooping or wilting.

How Often To Water Daylilies

Daylilies need to be watered every few days for the first week or two after being planted. Thereafter, water Daylilies once or twice a week for the remainder of the first growing season. Routine watering, in the beginning, will help the plant settle in.

Established Daylilies generally do not need to be watered. These flowering plants are drought tolerant at maturity, and unless the weather is very dry, it is not necessary to water Daylilies.

Containers typically dry out more quickly than plants grown in the ground, so expect to water potted Daylilies when the top 1-2 inches of soil are dry to the touch.


Best Time To Water Daylilies

Try to water Daylilies during the morning, or at least before the sun starts to beat down. Daylilies prefer bright sunlight, which can dry out the plants and the soil. Give your Daylilies a nice long drink before the day heats up to ensure they are hydrated and able to take on the peak heat of the day.

It’s unnecessary to water Daylilies once the greenery dies back and the plant is not actively growing during the winter.


How to Water Daylilies

Step 1 - Check the soil for moisture.

Newly planted Daylilies need water, but they do not like constant wetness. Make sure the soil is dry before watering. The plants do not need water if the ground is wet.

Step 2 - Water the soil at the base of the plant.

Saturate the soil around the plant to ensure the root ball is thoroughly wet.

Step 3 - Monitor the plants.

Keep an eye on the Daylilies to ensure the plants are not wilting or showing signs of drying out between watering.

Daylily Watering Tips

  • Check the soil to make sure it is dry before watering.
  • Saturate the soil, so the root ball is drenched.
  • Daylilies grown in partial shade may not need water as often as those grown in full sun.
  • When possible, water early in the day so the soil is saturated before the sun and heat dry it out.
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 Author Alison Cotsonas - Published 12-09-2021