Growing Daylilies in Pots

Can Daylilies grow well in pots? The answer is yes. Container-grown Daylilies can add lush greenery and striking blooms to a balcony or patio. Daylilies grown in a pot require a bit more care than plants in the ground, but they are still very easy to maintain, and once the flowers start to bloom, you’ll realize the effort was well worth it.


Planting Daylilies in Pots

Daylilies in pots do well in a sunny spot, and the best location will receive about 6 hours of sunlight during the summer. An advantage of container plants is you can move them around to find the ideal spot. Daylily varieties with darker flowers may not need as much sunlight, so a spot with partial sun and maybe 4-5 hours of sunlight will suffice.

Select a planter a few inches larger in diameter than the root ball. Daylily roots need room to grow and expand, so give them space and expect to divide the plant in a few years. Planters must have drainage holes so excess water can flow out of the pot. Any type of pot material is acceptable. Porous or unglazed pots will allow the soil and roots to dry out more quickly, which is not an issue for drought-tolerant Daylilies.

Best Soil For Daylilies in Pots

Well-draining soil is a must for Daylilies grown in a container. These plants have low water needs, so allowing the water to drain completely will prevent root rot. Amending the soil with compost will help give the plant a boost of nutrition and promote more growth and blooms.

Caring For Daylilies in Planters

With some extra care and attention, Daylilies in planters can thrive. Daylilies are very easy plants to maintain, and the only difference, when grown in a planter, is that you will need to water the plant more often. The Daylilies will do very well as long as the container is in a sunny spot and has drainage holes.

Watering Daylilies in Pots

Plants grown in containers dry out more quickly, so Daylilies in pots will need to be watered when the top few inches of the soil are dry. During the peak heat of summer or a drought, your Daylilies may need daily watering. The type of pot and the amount of sun determine how often the plant will need water, so check the soil and water accordingly.


Fertilizing Daylilies in Pots

Feeding Daylilies in pots will keep the plants healthy and growing. You can amend the soil with compost when first planting in a container and when it is time to repot. Otherwise, fertilize your potted Daylilies in the spring, midsummer, and fall using a  3-1-2 mix fertilizer.

Winter Care For Daylilies in Pots

Daylilies in the ground can handle being outdoors for the winter, but container-grown Daylilies may need to be brought in from the elements. If you live in a warm climate without a threat of frost, then the container can stay outdoors. If you live in a colder climate, you will want to move the container into an unheated garage, basement, or shed to over-winter. Getting the plant out of the immediate cold will prevent winter damage and protect the container from cracking.

Dead growth can be removed in the fall after the plant has stopped growing for the season or first thing in the spring. Once there is no longer a threat of frost, you can move the container back outside. 

Can Daylilies Be Grown Indoors

Daylilies are very well suited to life outdoors, and they can be challenging to grow inside. They require a lot of light and routine watering, making them very high maintenance. These plants require a dormancy period, so potted Daylilies will not grow during the winter, and once the warmer weather rolls around, moving the container outdoors will allow the plant to thrive.

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 Author Alison Cotsonas - Published 12-09-2021