Aimée Minard

About Aimée

Aimee Minard has always been an avid gardener with a passion for landscaping as well as exotic plants. Aimee currently lives in the Colorado rocky mountains in zone 5b, so she knows how hard it is to wait for that last frost to come before planting. Aimee has worked professionally as a groundskeeper at her state’s flagship university as well as in garden centers. She brings knowledge of how to stage large landscape projects as well as how to care for individual plants. She also throws pottery, designing pots for her own collection. Aimee’s passion for plants is evident when you see that her house is as green inside as out!


Education and Certifications

Bachelor of Arts in Astronomy, University of Colorado Boulder

Master of Arts in Learning Design and Technology, University of Colorado Denver


Favorite Plants

Dahlias are Aimee’s favorite plant for outside flower beds. The range in vibrant colors brings a firework-like display to any garden. Since Aimee is in zone 5, she digs up the dahlia tubers every fall and can move them around every spring to ensure that the flower bed has a fresh look every season.

Echinaceas, native to North American prairies, are another favorite because they remind her of home. They are hardy and continuously bloom throughout the growing season, ensuring that there’s always a touch of radiant color in the garden. Don’t forget that the bees love them! 

Peperomias are Aimee’s most loved houseplant. They are easy to care for, especially in areas in the house that don’t get much sun. Their variation means every room with a peperomia feels fresh. They are great for those with pets, since they are not toxic to animals. Whether in hanging baskets or on a tabletop, a peperomia will always get a compliment. 

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