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Boxwood Bushes

Boxwood shrubs, also known as Buxus, are a slow growing evergreen bush. Typically gardeners and homeowners will plant these into a hedge to create a border or fence. More experienced gardeners will also prune these into unique shapes such as triangles, squares, globes and even as a topiary. These bushes are also great for growing in garden planters, giving 4 seasons of interest without much effort to care for the plants.

Most boxwood shrubs are very heat resistant and drought tolerant once established. Making them ideal for locations in full sun and unforgiving conditions. These shrubs are also low maintenance and easy to care for. Allowing time to concentrate on other areas in your garden.

  • Easy to care for
  • Perfect for hedges
  • Can be pruned into formal shapes
  • Adapts to most soil types
  • Growing zones 5 - 8

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