Growing Spirea In Pots

 Spirea can grow anywhere from 1 to 8 feet tall and up to 6 feet wide. It is important to consider the shrub’s mature size when deciding whether to plant a Spirea in the garden or in a container, as this shrub can grow just as wide as it grows tall. Growing a Spirea shrub in a container is no different than growing it in the garden. Dwarf varieties of Spirea, such as our Beyond Midnight® Bluebeard, are recommended for containers. One thing to consider when planting Spirea in a container is the plant’s fast growth rate. Expect to repot your Spirea shrub into a larger container much sooner than other  plants. Spirea requires little care and is perfect for balconies, decks and porches. 


Planting Spirea in Pots

Plant your Spirea in the spring, as this shrub will provide colorful blooms all summer long. Select a resin container that has good drainage holes. You will want to choose a container that allows space for growth. Consider a container that will provide 6 to 8 inches more width than the root ball. Spireas like moist, well-drained soil. Choose a good quality potting soil and mix in 10% to 20% Perlite or pumice to help with drainage. Place the container in a location that will get partial to full sun. The more sun this plant gets, the better the flowering is. 

Best Soil For Spirea in Pots

Spireas are very hardy plants that are not picky about soil type. What is more important is that the soil drains well. Choose a good quality potting soil with average fertility. For better drainage, mix in 10% to 20% Perlite or pumice. Prior to planting, add some rocks to the bottom of the container. This will help prevent the drainage holes from becoming clogged with roots. 

Caring For Spirea in Planters

Care for your container grown Spirea the same as you would a landscape Spirea. Provide partial to full sun each day. The more sun exposure this shrub gets increases the possibility of repeated blooming. Make sure that the soil can drain well. Potted plants tend to dry out faster, so additional watering may be needed. You may need to prune a Spirea grown in a container more often to control the shape and size of the plant. 


Watering Spirea in Pots

Despite being heat and drought tolerant, Spireas grown in containers will require more watering than garden plants, especially during periods of drought. A general rule of thumb is to water the plant when the top 2 inches of soil feels dry. This plant likes moist but not soggy soil. It is best to avoid allowing your Spirea to sit in standing water. Water your Spirea during the morning hours so the shrub has all day to absorb the moisture. 

Fertilizing Spirea in Pots

Spirea shrubs are not heavy feeders. Typically, an application of fertilizer in the early spring and another in early summer is all a container grown shrub requires for the growing season. Choose a slow-release granular fertilizer for use with potted plants. Follow the package instructions regarding amounts and application process. Avoid overfertilizing your Spirea. 

Winter Care For Spirea in Pots

Container grown Spirea should be pruned back and moved to a sheltered location for the cold weather season. This will prevent the plant from going through freeze and thaw cycles while it is dormant. The main thing you want to do is protect the roots from the freezing temperatures. An unheated space, such as a garage or a shed with a bit of light, is perfect. Do not fertilize the plant during the winter months. Occasionally water the plant during the cold season, but do not keep it constantly wet. 

Can Spirea Be Grown Indoors

Spirea shrubs can be grown indoors during the cold weather months. You will want to prune the branches prior to bringing it indoors. Find a warm sunny spot for the container. Water the shrub weekly. Don’t expect a lot of blooming during this period of time. 

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Author Chris Link - Published 10-19-2021