Specimen Plants

Specimen plants are those landscape elements that, because of their structure, their color, their sheer flower power, (or maybe all three!), make a dramatic statement that accents your home's architecture. Specimen shrubs tend to be larger plants (usually 5 feet or taller) that are exceedingly showy at least once a year. Think of them as the plants that set your home apart from everyone else's.

The right specimen plant will make passersby stop in their tracks, but with so many options, how to pick the right one? As you look through our selection, note which ones you are personally drawn to. Think about where they might be placed in your landscape that will accentuate features of your home's exterior, like spaces between windows, a fireplace, or the center of a large bed. Think, too, of your home's color. Is there a specimen shrub here that would really set it off, either when it is in flower, or perhaps in fall, if it develops outstanding color? The important thing is to select plants that you love and can be proud of year after year.

If you find yourself drawn to more than one plant, you don't have to pick just one! A specimen shrub is a focal point of a portion of your landscape, so there's room for multiple specimens within one yard. For maximum impact, look for plants that are at peak at different times of the year so the focus shifts through the season. And don't forget about the back and sides of your home - specimen plants aren't just for passersby. They can be a key part of your private retreat as well!

Best Specimen Plants

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