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Perennials are plants that are able to survive through the winter, given they are planted in a growing zone they are hardy in. The plants are able to go dormant, or stay inactive, during the cold months and are still able to come back in the springtime. Typically perennials will die back all the way to the ground in the winter, and have completely new growth the next spring. That is the main difference between woody shrubs and tender perennials.

Growing Perennials

The main things to consider when choosing which perennial to buy are the growing zone the plant can survive in, and how much sunlight the location gets. Perennials are typically grown for their flowers, but some perennials are grown for their foliage like hostas and coral bells. Plant perennials in garden beds in a mass planting, or in garden planters combined with several different plants. Many perennials are very beneficial for wildlife as well, providing pollinators food and pollen throughout the year. Many perennial flowers are also very fragrant and perfect for cut flower arrangements.