Bushes and shrubs are woody plants that typically grow back each year, given they are cold hardy in the zone you plant them in. There are many different varieties of bushes, from low-growing plants to those that reach over 20 feet tall. There are deciduous, evergreen and semi-evergreen types, which means whether or not the leaves fall off and die in the winter.

Growing Bushes & Shrubs

Plants and shrubs provide a range of benefits for homeowners. Shrubs can be grown in the garden or in containers as long as the container is large enough. Grow bushes as statement focal points, as privacy hedges, or as garden borders. Many shrubs are very beneficial for wildlife by providing flowers for pollinators, berries in the winter for birds and other animals, or even as shelter. Flowering shrubs provide beautiful blooms for cut flower arrangements, with many being fragrant. Evergreen shrubs are great for privacy, wind breaks, formal gardens, and winter gardens. Evergreen bushes are also a great way to add 4 seasons of interest in garden planters.

When trying to determine which bushes to buy, there are many important factors to consider. Make sure the plant can survive in your growing zone, so it doesn't die in the winter. Also make sure the size of the plant won't get too large when it becomes fully mature. Finally, make sure the plant will get the proper amount of sunlight in the location you are hoping to grow it.