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Plant Care


4 Tips for Growing Azaleas in Pots

Nov 3rd 2018

Azaleas are a beautiful flower that most people find outdoors. But, perhaps you want them in your home. Here are 4 tips for growing azaleas in pots:Are you are searching for a low maintenance plant that will brighten up your garden all year round? Then look no further!The azalea plant is not only easy to look after but can add gorgeous splashes of color to your garden, even on those dull winter da … read more

Fertilizer For Azaleas: How To and Why You Should

Nov 3rd 2018

An azalea is a beautiful addition to any yard or garden. Knowing how to keep it healthy with fertilization is key. Here's how to fertilize your azaleas: Azaleas are a beloved plant of the South. Though, you wouldn't expect them to have such a deep, Eastern history finding their way from Japan! One may consider fertilizer for azaleas to encourage these dazzling displays of colors. But... … read more